AMT Systems is now Automated Systems

Automated Systems - Your single source for all your horticultural needs

AMT Systems is now Automated Systems

AMT Systems now Automated Systems has prided itself on supplying mobility and identification solutions to the Healthcare and Horticulture markets. Automated Systems successfully partners with industry-leading manufacturers of labeling products, printing solutions, barcode scanning, mobile computing and RFID technologies, which allows our company to offer the right solutions for you, our customers. Whether it’s a need for tags, pressure sensitive labels, printing systems, signage, barcode scanners or a complex mobile inventory solution, Automated Systems has the experience and staff available to help improve your business.

Barcode Products & Printers

We at Automated systems are committed to making technology work for our customers. We have partnered with industry leaders to keep our customers on the cutting edge of technology, helping to drive sales and increase productivity.


We provide our customers with complete print solutions including.
• Horticultural printers
• Barcode printers
• Accessories- rewinders, applicators, print heads, & much more
• Labeling software
• Materials; weather resistant poly labels, paper labels, printer ribbons, signs and tags
• Database services – printing many different items? We’ll set up a database to make printing multiple varieties a snap.
• Custom software for propagation, cart tracking, inventory and asset management.
• Handheld computing solutions and barcode scanners.
• Technical Support
Whatever your need, our knowledgeable sales staff can help. bcpp3.jpgbcpp4

Printing Material, Signs and Holders

Automated Systems carries one of the most comprehensive lines of signs and sign holders. We are a distributor of col-met sign holders which are made of prime galvanized steel for indoor and outdoor use. Whether staked into the ground or on a weighted stand we have them.

We also carry blank sign material in several weights, thermal printable roll signs, preprinted sign materials and laser printable signs. We also custom print full color laser sign materials that are fade and weather resistant and can be customized to your specifications. Plant info, logo, special info, plant varieties we can help make your signage work for you to best showcase your plants, trees or shrubs.

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Custom Software & Printing

Automated Systems - Your single source for all your horticultural needs

The CART-TRAX System is a unique tracking system to control cart inventory in the horticultural market. The CART-TRAX system eliminates the problems that wholesale growers have in trying to determine which customers have their carts and how many they have? With CART-TRAX, you can control cart inventories and track plant carts simultaneously.

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