Horticultural Software for Lucas Greenhouses

AMTSystems Horticultural Tag and Labeling Division provides Horticultural Software to collect data on Productivity & Inventory Tracking System which provides a fast payback by improving the quality and quantity of employee plug sticking, the control of plant management inventory, and was easy for everyone to learn to use. I am very pleased that my management staff recommended AMTSystems,” states George Lucas, Owner of Lucas Greenhouses.

Kathy Miller, Production Manager was in search of software that would allow Lucas Greenhouses to track productivity of 70 – 80 employees planting plug trays. Tim Moore, Inventory Manager of Lucas Greenhouses needed to track Lucas ever changing inventory and its location. After discussing Lucas’ system needs with Dave Stewart, President of AMTSystems, Inc., AMTSystems programming team went to work designing a productivity and inventory system specifically for Lucas Greenhouses. Each plant grown has a unique product code, variety name, vender code, and specific tray count. Each employee has a unique employee number, which is printed on stick tags or stick labels. Using a Symbol Technologies handheld scanner, Lucas is now able to track the greenhouse location, where the plants are being placed to grow, the item number and the employee stick label, allowing Lucas Greenhouses to track how many plants each employee planted. As part of the scanning process, the trays are viewed for quality control and codes entered to track employees performance. The employees are paid by quantity of plants

stuck and incentives are based on quality performance. Information gathered by the scanner(s) is then uploaded to the Lucas PC database. The database is also used to track the inventory. The latest inventory can be uploaded to the handheld scanner and is available to employees when they are pulling plants for shipping or monitoring various stages of growth. When plants are moved from one location to another, an entry or scan is made with the scanner. Two labels are printed, using a Zebra Technologies portable printer to update a location placard with information as to the plants and quantities that are stored at that location. Data entered on the handheld scanners are uploaded to the PC database bringing that information into sync. As an added feature, the handhelds are programmed to respond in either English and Spanish. The system includes numerous reports that are available and include QC Violations, Inventory Transaction, Inventory Location, Production Spreadsheet, Employee Production both Detail & Summary. AMTSystems has helped Lucas Greenhouses to continue to grow and become one of the top 10 liner growers in the US.

For additional information, please call AMTSystems Horticultural Tag and Labeling Division @ 888-569-9059 Ext 11.

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