Horticultural Tag Printing
We custom print pot tags, strip tags and signs for your nursery or garden center. We will design and print materials with Logo, address, plant name, price and/or barcode. Whatever you marketing plan we can help.

Roll Tapes   Horticultural Tags

Barcode, UPC, QR Code Printing
We will design and print barcode labels to your specifications, whatever the size, format or information we have a label for you. We carry weather resistant plastic labels that can stand up to the harshest environments.

Custom UPC Codes   Custom QR Codes

We also create and print QR codes that allow customers access to whatever information you want them to have, using their Smart Phones!

Tracking Software
We write custom tracking software tailored to your needs. Whether it’s to track your carts, propagation process or inventory control we have what you need.

RFID Printing and Encoding
We have all the tags, software, hardware, and materials for RFID printing or encoding.

Don’t want the overhead expense? We will supply you with printed and encoded tags to your specifications! Pallet, carton or any other label you need for tracking through your entire supply chain we are here to help!

Custom RFID Tags

Custom Color Printing
We custom laser print hang tags, strip tags and signs to meet your needs. Increase your market visibility by adding color signs to your garden center. Whether a short run or large we can deliver what you need.

Custom Color Printing by Automated Systems

Logo Design
Our art dept. will work with you to create branding of your products or business. Let us help get you recognized by potential customers! Automated Systems Logo Design Example

Print Systems Sales and Service
We sell and support a large variety of Thermal Transfer printers. Need to print your own tags, labels, or signage, we have a system for you. We have complete print packages including software, hardware, and support to get you up and printing fast.

Barcode printer serviced by Automated Systems Barcode printer serviced by Automated Systems Barcode Software written by Automated Systems Barcode printer serviced by Automated SystemsBarcode printer serviced by Automated Systems
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